Saturday, January 24, 2015

Fits and Starts

We've all got bad habits.

Mine is that I'm incredibly lazy.  It's a fatal flaw I've been aware of since I was a kid and have fought my entire life, with varying degrees of success.  It's also, as mentioned in my last post, a major factor holding me back - if I could figure out some way to force myself to consistently write, day in and day out, I'd be much better off.

I bring this up because my laziness has led me into another dry spell and, despite wanting to, I've written next to nothing for Earth Refound in the last couple of weeks.  I finished Act One last week and am about to start Act Two, but I've just frozen up.  This is a point that's always been tough for me to push past, since this is the point the story shifts and we get started on our adventure proper.  I have things outlined, but I'm honestly a little vague as to what I should be doing here.  I had similar issues with Fallen Saints at about this point.  Perhaps I should jump ahead a scene or two and write the next part that interests me?  It's always an option, but rarely one I take since I tend to write everything in sequential order.

Instead of writing, I've spent more time drawing and browsing my usual Internet forums - fun, sure, but not exactly productive.  It also hasn't helped that my day job has been a bit more hectic than usual.

It'd be nice if I could find some surefire method to get me to sit and write more often, but I know none exists.  What I really need is more willpower, to crack a whip and just DO it.  This has always been difficult for me, because no matter what I tell myself I know that I can always just ignore it.  There can be no consequences I've I don't believe there will be consequences!

I did manage to write a little more today, though not as much as I'd like.  My weekends (Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday) tend to work out more in my favor, so perhaps this week I'll finally break into Act Two for real?  We'll see.

What I really don't want is for Earth Refound to go down the same path as Fallen Saints:  a week-long burst of productivity separated by months of little more than thinking to myself, "I really need to get back to this." 

I got Act One done.  Time to do the second!

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